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I have bought my GP2X F200 in june 2008 and after some time of work..ehmm playing with emulators, homebrew games and apps i have started to try to develop something myself. But i’m not a programmer and the only things i have learned are how to compile other’s code onto the GP2X.

In this page i will show you all my ports for the GP2X Console.

K.E.T.M – Kill Everything That Moves.

Version 0.9

This is a GP2X adaptation of KETM (studio-grey/badblocks), fast paced tyrian style 2D shooter. It’s based on the good PSP conversion by Deniska.


  • 4 levels with different environments, music & bosses
  • 1 bonus level
  • 15 enemies with unique attack patterns and adjusting hostility
  • 7 primary weapons
  • 4 secondary weapons (rockets, laser, bomb, rotating shield)
  • 2 mod (for now): original episode1 and 1941 mod
  • Fully modable design: you can change sounds, graphics, script your own attacking sequences and intensity

This is an advanced version from the one presented by me at PACC_2010. In this version i have:

  • Added diagonal movements.
  • Volume control.
  • FPS show ON/OFF.
  • Fixed dir problems (you can run the game from any dir on SD card).

Download at GP2X Archive


Zelda – Return of the Hylian

Original PC game at:

Includes “smallpats” from the freepats project: for MIDI music. Quick recompilation from the Wiz version big thanks to “hmn” and “sebt3” for Wiz and Pandora sources. Based on beta4 sources for Wiz. Included in archive there are the Timidity instruments and the game data.

Download at GP2X Archive



Fy.WoD! is some kind of racing game. You do not fight against other racers but only against time and the level itself. It’s may be more difficult than you think.

GP2X F100/F200 version by Farox. Statically recompiled from the Wiz version (Thanks Schnatterplatsch), source is included.

Download at GP2X Archive



Version 1.30

This is a GP2X adaptation of the original BINIAX2, a fast-paced puzzle game by Jordan Tuzsuzov.

The port is based on the good work of PSP version of the game by Deniska and the Dingoo A320 version by yoannd26 and Ezial.

Biniax-2 is a game of logic and reaction. The 3 game modes allow you to play against the time, pure tactical play or challenge with a friend in a multiplayer game. In my version added :

  • Touch control in Hall of Fame (F200 only).
  • Volume control.
  • 2 player mode.

Download at GP2X Archive


Blobwars – Metal Blob Solid

Version 1.17

This is a GP2X F100/F200 adaption of Blobwars-Metal Blob Solid from Parallel Realities an open source tactical 2D platformer. I’ve only recompiled the sources from the Wiz version (Thanks to Crow_riot ). I have also reduced some particle fx to gain little speed.

Download at GP2X Archive



Version v0.1

A little bit of fun inspired by Gals Panic.A game ported by Farox from Dingoo scene (Thank’s ‘mrLogan’ for source share).

Aim of the Game
Advance through the levels by filling in more than 80% of the screen.The deamon won’t get you but he will send fire to find you.
You can dowse the fire by filling the screen while the fire is on your tail.
Source is included (with a codeblock project file ).

Download at GP2X Archive



Version 0.43

Released under the GPLv3 by Martin Bays.
An abstract shoot-em-up. Minimalistic graphics, short game-length.Gameplay lies somewhere between Centipede and Starship Command.
GP2X recompilation by Farox based on the source of Wiz version…(thanks HopeZ !!)

In my version i’ve changed:

  • Changed some compiler option to gain a little more speed .
  • Fixed the location where kuklomenosrc file is saved
  • Now you can put the game in a dir of your choise (on SD card )

Included are the source and the Codeblocks files.

Download at GP2X Archive



Updated version 0.9.9 is available see here

Wizznic 0.7 Alpha2

Wizznic is an implementation of the arcade-classic Puzznic, with an in-game editor, written for the Wiz, Dingoo, Linux, Windows and now for GP2X F100 / F200.
It’s written by Jimmy Christensen (aka DusteD) and is available at

All levels and packs of the Wiz version are included.Also included is the new Silver pack (by DusteD).

Download at GP2X Archive


Bermuda Syndrome

version 0.14

Screen 2 Dialog screen

Read more here


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  1. Hello.

    I’m looking for the sources of KETM 0.9 to port it on the 3ds, b ut can’t find it anywhere. I already ported the v0.8, but the v0.9 should be better.

    I searched for the sources of the PSP, Wix an Caanoo ports, but all of them seems lost.

    Could you help me? if you have the sources you can write me to my email address or leave a PM to nop90 on gbatemp .net

    Thanks, nop90

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