Pandora – Jooleem

Jooleem is a simple yet extremely addictive puzzle game. There is only one
rule: click on four marbles of the same color that form a rectangle. Time is
constantly running out, but you can earn time (and points) by forming
rectangles. The larger the rectangle, the more time and points are won.
Jooleem is free and open source software.


== Controls ==
Left click – Selects a marble. Selecting an already selected marble deselects it.
Right click – Deselects the currently selected marbles.
On Pandora you can play with the stylus.
P – Pauses the game.
H – Hint.
F12 – Takes a screenshot. The file can be found in the “appdata/jooleem” folder.
Esc – Quits the game.

== Tips ==
* When stuck, click the hint button. But beware – you will pay a time penalty.
* Fill up the time bar to advance to the next level. The higher the level, the
more points you get per marble.
* The higher the level, the tougher the game. You earn less and less time per
marble as the game progresses.

== License ==
Jooleem is free and open source software. The code is released under the GNU
General Public License. The full license can be found in GPL.txt in the game’s
All of the game’s assets (music, sound effects, images) are original and
released under a Creative Commons deed.
The relevant deed can by found at

== Credits ==
Project lead, code and graphics: Chai Braudo (
Music: Ryan Reilly (
Sound design: Dale North (
Linux port: Jani Huhtanen
Beta testing: Iddo Braudo, Uri Grupel, Shany Tcshernichov and Ma’ayan Zigdon
The game was inspired by Nick Kouvaris’ ZNAX

Sources included in PND.

Pandora release is here at repo.

Links for more info about the game:

Pandora – Atomiks

Just uploaded Atomiks, a logic game remake of Atomix, a classic puzzle game created by Softtouch and RoSt released in 1990 by the Thalion Software company. Atomiks is free software, and shares no code with the original Atomix game.




The keys used in the game:

* DPAD move cursor
* B Button to grab/release the objects

* `Esc` quit

Sources included in PND.

Download Pandora release here.

Links for more info about the game:

*** License ***

The Atomiks engine is released under the GNU/GPL license, altough this license does NOT apply to level design and graphics used by Atomiks, since these remain the intellectual property of their authors, Softtouch and RoSt.
Therefore you CAN’T reuse any of the level design or graphic elements, unless you get written permission from Atomix’s copyright holders.

Atomiks has been created by Mateusz Viste, who has been explicitely authorized to reuse graphical and design elements from the original game by Atomix’s copyright holders for the sole purpose of creating Atomiks.

Pandora – Gravazoid

I open this year 2017 with a new port for pandora that came (again) from the demoscene, but this time is a game.
So here is Gravazoid a twisted arkanoid clone in curved spacetime by Jesper “llbit” Öqvist and Linus “lft” Åkesson released at Revision party 2013 where it ranked 2nd.


keys used in the game:

* `Q` quit
* DPAD or Mouse move left or right
* `H` move left
* `L` move right
* `Space` release ball

* `G` toggle glow (don’t use! on Pandora don’t work)

Pandora port running using gl4es by ptitSeb. Sources included in PND.

Programmed by Jesper “llbit” Öqvist and Linus “lft” Åkesson see the respective web pages for more info about it:

or look at the Pouet page:

and finally the original source code of the game on Github:

Pandora release is downloadable here from the Repo

Comment here or at Pandora/Pyra forum at this thread:


Pandora – Flash Flood (game)

Just ported this little game.
Flash Flood, V1.0
More info taken from the readme.
Created for the SpeedHack 2002 Competition by Matthew Leverton.

Flash Flood is an old C64 game that I remember playing years ago…

I decided to keep in the spirit of retro when doing it.


* continuous music audio
* unlimited hours of gameplay
* Retro 2D graphics
* Lightning effects
* Force Feedback
* Demo CPU Mode
* Instant Reply
* Much, Much, More!

Imagine a nice rainstorm on a summer evening. You are at home
enjoying yourself, playing with your transformers. Nothing
could be more peaceful. Until the phone rings… and it’s your

Her roof is leaking and you need to help her out. Of course,
you’re more than willing. Can you save the day, and prevent
the house from flooding?

Just catch the rain drops in your bucket. If you bucket gets
full you need to drop it off at the sink.


Key used on Pandora:
DPAD = move
Main Button = B
Secondary Button = Y

Joysticks are also supported.
Even with force feedback!(Not enabled/tested on Pandora)

Main Button makes your guy run fast.
Secondary Button exit the game. (Be Careful!)

ESC quits

During the title screen, you have the following options:

F1: Switch between keyboard / joypad
F2: Replay the last game.

F11: Switch between fullscreen / windowed
F12: Switch between different graphics mode

Source included in PND.

Some shot of Pandora version:

Download from the repo

Pandora – Rage Against The Chemtrails

Rage Against The Chemtrails is the first radical game developed by Giuseppe Perniola, is a Defender clone where you pilot an aircraft, destroy tankers that spray chemtrails in the sky, and avoid enemy interceptors and anti-aircraft cannon tanks. It is written using C++, QT5, SFML library and OpenGL (Glshim on Pandora). Sources Included in PND.

For Pandora release i have changed the controls so in
Main menu use:
B — Start the game
A — Select Fighter –press A again to return to main
H — Go to Help page –press H again to return to main

In Game use:
DPAD — Move fighter
A or B — Shot missile
X or Y — Shot bomb

ESC — Exit game

A shot:

Download from Pandora repo

Pandora – Flying Saucers Attack

F.U.G.A.(Fliegende Untertassen greifen an) aka F.S.A.(Flying Saucers Attack) is a game by Dennis Busch that is some kind of a mixture between two old Atari2600 games. It comes in german and english language.

You’ll see a screen with your city that you have to save against 30 Alien attackwaves in three different difficulty levels. You shoot attacking UFOs with two cannons positioned at the left and right borders of the screen.
The UFOs will first bomb away all your buildings then send in little green men to dig tunnels to blow your cannons which results in a gameover.

Game Controls:
Mouse movement = Move Crosshair
Left Button = Fire bullet from left cannon
Right Button = Fire bullet from right cannon

For the Pandora version aim with left nub and shoot with right nub or ABXY buttons!!

Download here on the repo

Have fun!

Pandora – Alien 8

Hey! I’m back with a new release for Pandora.
This time is a tough game remake of a classic of the past, we are talking about Alien 8 originally developed by Ultimate Play the Game, from Zx Spectrum era (around 1985). The remake is dated around 2007/2008 and is programmed by Ignacio Perez Gil + David Olias Suarez and available from Retrospec site.

A little story about this port.
I said that the game is a bit tought in gameplay, and when i found the sources i thinked the same around the idea to port it. In fact this remake is programmed in C using Allegro and FMODex library. Where is the problem you say? the problem is that FMOD is closed source and Firelight Technologies (the developers) did not provide a version compiled for ARMv7-a compatible with a linux based console like Pandora is. An ARMv7-a version is available only for Android and maybe others sistems.
Now came the interesting part, i remember that some time ago someone on Pandora forum (Sebt3) ported a Mario game that was using FMOD (note FMOD is the old version of FMODex.) using SDL_Mixer a library of the famous SDL libs. Now inspired by this, i have changed the audio code in the game and surprisignly it was working good, but only the sound fx where playing. In code i noted the music is streamed from a .dat file using some functions not present on previous conversion by Sebt3, plus my skills where not enough to solve this, and so i asked on Pandora forum (where you can often find some real and very talented programmer) and finally the “serial porter” named ptitSeb came in my help.
He not only write the code that streamed the music using SDL_Mixer but help find a solution with some Allegro media libs not copied correctly by the tools used to compile the project.

So in the end i had the idea to port the game and started the convertion from FMOD but if i dind’t have the help of the two Seb’s (Sebt3 and ptitSeb) this port would never be finished.

Another thing that made me proud of this is that, maybe this is the first and the only game, that run using two different “ecosystem” like Allegro and SDL working together each other for the respective parts (SDL_Mixer for processing the audio and Allegro for all the rest).

So enjoy the game, if you have a Pandora! Download from the Repo.
The sources are inside the PND.

Some shots of the game:
in game


Pandora – TetriAttack 3

TetriAttack3 is the third game from the collaboration with 16BitSoft Inc. This time the game is directly ispired by another SNES classic called “Tetris Attack” and its ported on Pandora by me with the help of JeZxLee author of the remake. This is another game made to run with the GLShim library by LunixBochs.

Some Pandora screenshot


in game

Controls are remappable in game and the default is:
DPAD cursor movement
GAME_B switch tiles
GAME_X advance row of tiles
p pause the game
ESC return to main menu / exit game

Download from the Repo

Ecco a voi TetriAttack3 gioco portato su Pandora da me con l’aiuto di JeZxLee autore di questo splendido remake opensource per PC. Il gioco è un remake di un vecchio classico per SNES chiamato “Tetris Attack”. Per scaricare la versione Pandora clickate sul link qui sopra mentre se volete provare la versione PC andate sul sito dell’autore qui

Pandora – TetriCrisis 4 110% A.I.

Just added my port for TetriCrisis 4 110% A.I. a tetris game that have brilliant gfx, music and other features like a very good AI (Artificial Intelligence) and programmed by 16bitSoft.

Thanks to JeZ+Lee and his team for giving me the sources (and created an exclusive release for Pandora) and thanks also to the brilliant lib “glshim” created by LunixBochs without his work porting games using OpenGL will be an hard work.

I have adapted buttons control for Pandora and changed the “How to play” screen with an image of pandora controls with help text.

Now some screen of Pandora version:

in game

Download from the repo

Ho appena pubblicato il mio nuovo port per Pandora chiamato TetriCrisis 4 110% A.I. un fantastico gioco di Tetris con della grafica e un sonoro favolosi, inoltre il gioco ha una ottima intelligenza artificiale oltre che altre numerose features.

Ringrazio JeZ+Lee per avermi fornito i sorgenti del gioco (creando una versione esclusiva solo per Pandora) ed inoltre LunixBochs per aver creato la sua oramai strausata libreria “glshim” che permette di portare giochi che usano la libreria OpenGL su dispositivi mobile OpenGLES.

Per questo port ho adattato i controlli per Pandora e cambiato la schermata del “How to Play” con una immagine della tastiera di Pandora con aggiunta di testo per capire come giocare.

Il link per scaricare lo trovate qui sopra.

Pandora – Pixel Artist 2

Well long time no news here, my free time was not so much and also i lacked motivations. Now i’m on off from work for some days and the recent release of the new version of Codeblocks toolchain for Pandora have reignited some motivations to do new ports.

So my latest work is a straight recompilation of the game Pixel Artist 2 by 16bitsoft recently released. This is a game programmed in C++ using SDL+OpenGL and on Pandora run thanks to the OpenGL library shim created by Lunixbochs.

Some shots found on the net :

Download here at repo