Pandora – Gravazoid

I open this year 2017 with a new port for pandora that came (again) from the demoscene, but this time is a game.
So here is Gravazoid a twisted arkanoid clone in curved spacetime by Jesper “llbit” Öqvist and Linus “lft” Åkesson released at Revision party 2013 where it ranked 2nd.


keys used in the game:

* `Q` quit
* DPAD or Mouse move left or right
* `H` move left
* `L` move right
* `Space` release ball

* `G` toggle glow (don’t use! on Pandora don’t work)

Pandora port running using gl4es by ptitSeb. Sources included in PND.

Programmed by Jesper “llbit” Öqvist and Linus “lft” Åkesson see the respective web pages for more info about it:

or look at the Pouet page:

and finally the original source code of the game on Github:

Pandora release is downloadable here from the Repo

Comment here or at Pandora/Pyra forum at this thread:


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