Pandora – Flash Flood (game)

Just ported this little game.
Flash Flood, V1.0
More info taken from the readme.
Created for the SpeedHack 2002 Competition by Matthew Leverton.

Flash Flood is an old C64 game that I remember playing years ago…

I decided to keep in the spirit of retro when doing it.


* continuous music audio
* unlimited hours of gameplay
* Retro 2D graphics
* Lightning effects
* Force Feedback
* Demo CPU Mode
* Instant Reply
* Much, Much, More!

Imagine a nice rainstorm on a summer evening. You are at home
enjoying yourself, playing with your transformers. Nothing
could be more peaceful. Until the phone rings… and it’s your

Her roof is leaking and you need to help her out. Of course,
you’re more than willing. Can you save the day, and prevent
the house from flooding?

Just catch the rain drops in your bucket. If you bucket gets
full you need to drop it off at the sink.


Key used on Pandora:
DPAD = move
Main Button = B
Secondary Button = Y

Joysticks are also supported.
Even with force feedback!(Not enabled/tested on Pandora)

Main Button makes your guy run fast.
Secondary Button exit the game. (Be Careful!)

ESC quits

During the title screen, you have the following options:

F1: Switch between keyboard / joypad
F2: Replay the last game.

F11: Switch between fullscreen / windowed
F12: Switch between different graphics mode

Source included in PND.

Some shot of Pandora version:

Download from the repo

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