Pandora – Origami (scene intro)

Another port of a demo/intro, this time is Origami by Faemiyah demo group. Here the credits from Readme.

Origami – Entry for 64k introcompo at Assembly 2005 by Faemiyah

Graphics code and intro structure: Trilkk (Tatu Kilappa)
Software synthesizer and music: Juippi (Juho Heikkinen)
Folding effect, fractal code and misc: Warma (Vantte Kilappa)

Pandora port is running thanks to glshim library by ptitSeb (using the latest Git revision).

I advice you to clock your Pandora at minimum of 800 Mhz (tested at 825 mhz on my CC) otherwise is slower on some heavy scenes.

BEWARE!! at start the demo made some intensive pre-calculations that need, on Pandora, around 5 minutes to complete, where on a x86 PC takes around only 1 minute. Please be patient and …. wait.

Sources included in PND.

Some shots of Pandora version:

Some infos on Pouet about the original release

Web page of the Faemiyah demo group

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