Pandora – Nean der taler (scene intro)

Another port of a piece of art: Nean der taler coded in collaboration from Bypass and NonAlienNature-5, and presented at ‘The party’ 2000 into PC 64k intro section where it ranked 2nd.

From the readme:

Code : Macaw/Non Alien Nature 5
Music : Prat/Bypass
Unix port : Marq/Fit

this intro is using X11 and OpenGL, libmikmod and GLUT library. The source is totally free to use and modify, so no license hassle.

Pandora port is based on the work by Marq/Fit (that ported this intro to linux) and running thanks to glshim.
Is a bit slower on some heavy scenes, plus if you run multiple times tend to freeze.
On my CC Pandora sometime freeze the video (but not the music) and some other times run regularly…i don’t know why…maybe it’s the SGX driver.

Sources included in PND.

Some links to check
Link to Pouet page about it where also a link to a youtube video

here where i take the sources

Since this intro doesn’t have and end …. to exit press ESC (Fn+q)

Download from Pandora repo

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