Pandora – Micery (scene demo)

This time i ported another demo. Is name is Micery and was produced by Fit and Bandwagon for the Altparty’04 event.
NF/Bandwagon : 3D code, steering algorithms, music
Marq/Fit : wavefront loader, soft synth, models

Created on Linux and Mac OS X using free tools such as GCC, gmake, FTE, RCS and Wings 3D. Thanks to the authors of these wonderful programs. We let SDL take care of the platform-specific details such as screen and sound handling.

Be sure to check out the following links to find other ports and the
full source :

Thanx to Wolf_

Pandora version run @ 800×480 Fullscreen thanks to GLshim lib (using latest revision by ptitSeb).
Sources are included in PND.

Since this demo doesn’t have and end…to exit press ESC (Fn+q)

Shots :

download from repo.

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