Pandora – Rage Against The Chemtrails

Rage Against The Chemtrails is the first radical game developed by Giuseppe Perniola, is a Defender clone where you pilot an aircraft, destroy tankers that spray chemtrails in the sky, and avoid enemy interceptors and anti-aircraft cannon tanks. It is written using C++, QT5, SFML library and OpenGL (Glshim on Pandora). Sources Included in PND.

For Pandora release i have changed the controls so in
Main menu use:
B — Start the game
A — Select Fighter –press A again to return to main
H — Go to Help page –press H again to return to main

In Game use:
DPAD — Move fighter
A or B — Shot missile
X or Y — Shot bomb

ESC — Exit game

A shot:

Download from Pandora repo

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