Pandora – TetriAttack 3

TetriAttack3 is the third game from the collaboration with 16BitSoft Inc. This time the game is directly ispired by another SNES classic called “Tetris Attack” and its ported on Pandora by me with the help of JeZxLee author of the remake. This is another game made to run with the GLShim library by LunixBochs.

Some Pandora screenshot


in game

Controls are remappable in game and the default is:
DPAD cursor movement
GAME_B switch tiles
GAME_X advance row of tiles
p pause the game
ESC return to main menu / exit game

Download from the Repo

Ecco a voi TetriAttack3 gioco portato su Pandora da me con l’aiuto di JeZxLee autore di questo splendido remake opensource per PC. Il gioco รจ un remake di un vecchio classico per SNES chiamato “Tetris Attack”. Per scaricare la versione Pandora clickate sul link qui sopra mentre se volete provare la versione PC andate sul sito dell’autore qui

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