Pandora – PyWright Game Engine

With this game engine, written in Python+Pygame, you could create or play a game in the same vein as the popular Phoenix Wright series for GBA and Nintendo DS. These games combine excellent writing, funny characters, and brain-bending logic into an experience that is part anime, part old-school adventure game, and all great. They are some of the most successful interactive story games on a worldwide scale.

For more info PyWright web page is here

I have packaged up this engine on a PND for Pandora.

To play you need to run the first time the PND, it’s then install all the necessary files to your SD card.
Now go to this address and download a game of your choise.

Put the content of the archive on your SD card on the dir \pandora\appdata\PyWright\games\

Now rerun the PND and select games on the main screen, you should see your new installed game available.

The keys used are :
Enter or tap the screen: next line of text

Space : back out of menus (that can be backed out)

z: press in cross exams, flip from evidence to profiles in court record

x: present from court record menu

up,down,left,right: navigate menus, scroll through cross exams

F5: quicksave, only use when running a case

F7: quickload, only use when running a case

Escape: Show settings menu

Now some screenshot (sorry not pandora screens…)

screen 2

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