Caanoo – Bermuda Syndrome

My new port for Caanoo is Bermuda Syndrome.
This version of Bermuda Syndrome is a re-implementation of the engine used in the original game Bermuda Syndrome made by Century Interactive and published by BMG in 1995.
The original data files are required to play (retail or demo versions).
All the work is done by Gregory Montoir …see the author page at

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I have compiled and changed the code a bit using the modified sources of the Dingux version by DiegoSLTS.

Controls are:
Pad = Move (character and selection in bag/dialogs)

B = Use selected weapon

A = Action, skip dialog/video and selection option in bag/dialog

X = Run and hide weapon

Y = Show bag and select option

HOME = Quit game

L = Load game

R = Save game

Help 1 = increment save slot
Help 2 = Decrement save slot

Download here …….

On this version original MIDI music is not working (maybe is not totally implemented by the author ) if you want to have music while playing you have to convert the midi files to 22 Khz stereo Vorbis .ogg files and place it under a dir called “music” (lowercase on Caanoo or it don’t see the directory) in the main folder of the game.

Nuovo port per Caanoo e si tratta di Bermuda Syndrome.
Questa versione di Bermuda Syndrome è un rifacimento del motore di gioco usato nel gioco originale Bermuda Syndrome creato da Century Interactive e pubblicato da BMG nel 1995.
Per poter giocare sono necessari i files del gioco originale (va bene anche la demo).
Tutto il lavoro di programmazione dell’engine di gioco è stato fatto da Gregory Montoir …leggete qui maggiori info nella pagina curata dall’autore .

Il mio lavoro è stato quello di modificare leggermente e ricompilare i codici sorgenti della versione Dingux creata da DiegoSLTS , che ha fatto in modo da far girare il gioco alla risoluzione di 320*240.

Controlli utilizzati :
Pad = Muove il personaggio e scorre gli articoli dell’inventario
B = Usa l’arma selezionata
A = tasto Azione, Salta i vari dialoghi o video introduttivi
X = Modo corsa e rimette arma nell’inventario
Y = Mostra il contenuto dell’inventario e seleziona articolo
HOME = Esce dal gioco
L = Carica un gioco salvato
R = Salva il gioco nel save slot corrente
Help 1 = Aggiunge un save slot
Help 2 = Seleziona il save slot precedente

Scarica qui …….

In questa versione non è possibile ascoltare la musica originale del gioco, che è in formato MIDI. Se volete giocare avendo anche la musica in sottofondo si dovrà prima convertire tutte la canzoni contenute nella dir /midi in files di tipo .ogg con campionamento a 22KHz stereo e successivamente metterli tutti in una nuova cartella da chiamare /music ( mi raccomando in minuscolo se no la Caanoo non la trova…), cartella da creare nella dir principale del gioco.

7 thoughts on “Caanoo – Bermuda Syndrome

  1. I converted all MIDI files to .ogg (22kHz) Stereo and put them in the ‘music’ sub-dir (lowercase), but the music won’t play in-game. What’s wrong here. Has someone REALLY tested the music?

      • Thanks for the Reply, Farox. But.. well, i can’t get the music to work.

        It’s interesting that the intro already has music playing and it needs no converted music-file whatsoever… I will now test it with 44Khz instead of 22 Khz, or does it need a special compression ratio? I simply don’t get it. All filenames are lowercase, but it doesn’t work for me.
        I’ll report it here, if i manage to get it working. Any hints, though?

        • The intro music is working because is a video…(an AVI file).
          I don’t think reencoding to 44KHz is needed as 22Khz is setted on sources. You could download the beta version posted on Forum of and test the music
          files with this version. If work with it then maybe i have changed something in the sources, trying to make work MIDI music, that broke this thing.
          Let me know…
          Thanks for reporting !!

  2. Hi, again.
    I tested the beta version, too (like you suggested) but the music simply won’t play.
    I’m giving up on this issue. I configured nearly 16GB of Games, Tools and everything on my Caanoo manually and got everything working, but THIS one really gives me a headache. Anyway, the game is playable even without the music playing.

    • I’m sorry it didn’t worked…maybe you can ask on forum.
      Personally i prefer the game without the music (but it’s a personal taste)..anyway i could take a look (if have some free time) on weekend.

      • Thanks Farox, but i just keep playing the game without the music now. Too much effort for some music. But since at least one person from the forum got it working, something else must be wrong on my side.
        But don’t mind, it’s good to see some games get ported to our Caanoo. We must be thankful for that. The music doesn’t matter THAT much. I hope that someone ports a few more games from the GINGE-section to our beloved Handheld. Cheers.

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