GP2X – nlove LUA Game Engine

Port of nlove 0.70 beta for GP2X

nlove is a fork of love ( see ) game engine ported to SDL systems.
See the official sources by bartbes at Bitbucket site .
I have recompiled the runtime for GP2X. Thanks to SIENCE (for the Caanoo version ) and BARTBES for this great work.
Like on the Caanoo release, this come with Picklelauncher, so you are able to use this usefull gui/launcher to test all of the love examples easily.

Some of the examples that are included in the archive are :

    snake – Snake Game (work ok)
    npong – Two Player Pong Game (work ok)
    ninwaLovePuzzlev02 – Physic Puzzle Game by Niwa (work but need touch to play)
    Cartesian Cardinal Zap- Game by wacheski 2010 / (don’t work well)
    Sinescroller – scrolling example (work but gfx is messed up)
    hello_demo – Hello World in nlove (work ok)
    passingclouds demo (work ok)

Compiled with the latest (as 06/feb/2011) version of sources by Bartbes, also enabled modplug support, so we are now able to play some more audio formats.

See the nlove_gp2x.txt in the archive for more info.

Download at GP2X Archive.

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