GP2X – Unreal Speccy Portable Emulator

A ZX-Spectrum emulator that’s supports Z80 128K (Pentagon) AY/YM, Beeper, Beta Disk, Tape, Kempston Joystick/Mouse and Snapshots.

Supported formats: sna, z80, tap, tzx, csw, trd, scl, zip.

Created to be ported to many platforms such as Windows/Linux/Mac/Symbian/WinMobile/Dingoo/… and now for GPH
Console GP2X F100/F200 /Wiz and Caanoo.

Main meaning of emulator is support Pentagon’s (russian Sinclair ZX Spectrum clone) timings to perfect emulate
russian PD demos (some of it included in pack).
But you are able to run ZX Spectrum games on it too.
Just don’t expect timings of the original model(tearing may appear, etc…).

GP2X F100/F200 recompilation by Farox based from original sources from “Aion” ( user of forum ).
Changes from the original version of 09/11/2010 :
—-> audio.freq = 22050; instead of 44100; to gain little speed
—-> disabled annoing cursor visible all the time .

Download at GP2X Archive

Discuss at forum

Original Author Website

Small help on how to use:

Tape (tap/tzx/csw)
– Press reset
– Open image in menu
– Press ‘I’ to enter in basic
– Type LOAD “” and press enter in virtual keys (LOAD = J on virtual keyboard ; “” = SS + P in virtual Keyboard )
– Press start tape in menu
– Choose tape sound source for sound (optional)

Disk (scl/trd)
– Press reset
– Open image in menu
– Press enter to enter in Max Petrov’s commander
– Select file and press enter

Keys (on virtual keyboard ) in service rom (after reset)
U – Menu 128
S – Trdos 128
I – Basic 48
ENTER – Max Petrov’s commander

GP2X Button used:

UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT …directional pad
MENU …. Show up menu
SELECT …show up virtual keyboard (press Y button to hilight a key on virtual keyboard )
Back L … Reset emulator
Back R … Switch audio

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