Pandora – Nano (scene demo)

Kakiarts present “NANO” at EVOKE 2006, the first demo for the Apple iPod nano 1G
code, additional graphics – KeyJ
design, graphics – gabi
music – dq

This demo is available for iPod nano, PC/Linux, PC/Win32, GP2X and now Pandora.

Sources included in PND.

for more info on the original release

or if you want to visit the page of the programmer

Some pandora shots :

Download from the repo.

Pandora – Flash Flood (game)

Just ported this little game.
Flash Flood, V1.0
More info taken from the readme.
Created for the SpeedHack 2002 Competition by Matthew Leverton.

Flash Flood is an old C64 game that I remember playing years ago…

I decided to keep in the spirit of retro when doing it.


* continuous music audio
* unlimited hours of gameplay
* Retro 2D graphics
* Lightning effects
* Force Feedback
* Demo CPU Mode
* Instant Reply
* Much, Much, More!

Imagine a nice rainstorm on a summer evening. You are at home
enjoying yourself, playing with your transformers. Nothing
could be more peaceful. Until the phone rings… and it’s your

Her roof is leaking and you need to help her out. Of course,
you’re more than willing. Can you save the day, and prevent
the house from flooding?

Just catch the rain drops in your bucket. If you bucket gets
full you need to drop it off at the sink.


Key used on Pandora:
DPAD = move
Main Button = B
Secondary Button = Y

Joysticks are also supported.
Even with force feedback!(Not enabled/tested on Pandora)

Main Button makes your guy run fast.
Secondary Button exit the game. (Be Careful!)

ESC quits

During the title screen, you have the following options:

F1: Switch between keyboard / joypad
F2: Replay the last game.

F11: Switch between fullscreen / windowed
F12: Switch between different graphics mode

Source included in PND.

Some shot of Pandora version:

Download from the repo

Pandora – Dr. Fungi (scene demo)

Fit presents: Dr.Fungi

A quick funk production for’s iQuest 2002 compo. Haxored together
in less than 60 hours. Originally for Mac OS X, versions for Windoze and Linux
plus the source released afterwards.

cde: Marq
gfx: Man
mzx: Roz

Pandora port is running thanks to glshim by ptitSeb (using one of the latest Git
revision). I advice you to clock your Pandora at minimum of 800 Mhz (tested at 825
mhz on my CC) otherwise is really slow on some heavy scenes.

Sources included in PND.

For more info on original release go to Pouet page

or visit the demogroup webpage:

Now some Pandora shots:

Pandora release is here at repo.

Pandora – Organica (scene intro)

Organica is a 4k intro that was presented at Assembly 2007 by Faemiyah demogroup.


– music

– interference effect base
– orbit fractals

– everything else

The intro is licensed for anyone to use for any purpose. Specifically, under
BSD licence. Details here:

Compo version is programmed to work in FreeBSD. The intro is portable, but the
other versions might not be anywhere near 4 kilobytes.

Pandora port is running thanks to glshim by ptitSeb (using the latest Git revision).
I advice you to clock your Pandora at minimum of 800 Mhz (tested at 825 mhz on my CC)
otherwise tends to frameskip.

Sources included in PND.

For more on original release go to Pouet

Other release and the original sources of this production are available at

Some shots of Pandora version

Pandora release is here at repo

Pandora – Origami (scene intro)

Another port of a demo/intro, this time is Origami by Faemiyah demo group. Here the credits from Readme.

Origami – Entry for 64k introcompo at Assembly 2005 by Faemiyah

Graphics code and intro structure: Trilkk (Tatu Kilappa)
Software synthesizer and music: Juippi (Juho Heikkinen)
Folding effect, fractal code and misc: Warma (Vantte Kilappa)

Pandora port is running thanks to glshim library by ptitSeb (using the latest Git revision).

I advice you to clock your Pandora at minimum of 800 Mhz (tested at 825 mhz on my CC) otherwise is slower on some heavy scenes.

BEWARE!! at start the demo made some intensive pre-calculations that need, on Pandora, around 5 minutes to complete, where on a x86 PC takes around only 1 minute. Please be patient and …. wait.

Sources included in PND.

Some shots of Pandora version:

Some infos on Pouet about the original release

Web page of the Faemiyah demo group

Pandora – Leeko (scene demo)

Another scene demo ported to Pandora. This is a production of Fit group and is called Leeko. First presented at Assembly’03 on 64K section competition. Some words extracted from original Readme.

Programming and graphical outfit : Marq McFit
Musical composition : Roz O’Fit

For fine-tuning purposes we welcome you to use the following
arguments: -a (do not set nvidia antialias), -w (windowed operation
mode), X Y (resolution, for example 1024 768)

We deeply regret the outrageous computational requirement of this
publication. However, at the time being we would not recommend
executing the program with any lesser computer than a P3/G4/R12000
level machine equipped with GF2/Radeon level graphical adapter and
160 megasyllables of Random Access Memory.

Originally created for the gratis Unix-like Linux operating system,
but further versions and the source code can be obtained from our
web site:

Pandora port is running thanks to glshim by ptitSeb (using one of the latest Git revisions).
I advice you to clock your Pandora at a minimum of 800Mhz (tested at 825Mhz on my CC) otherwise is slower on some heavy scenes.
Sources are included inside PND.

Some links to check about this demo:
Pouet page
YouTube video of the PC version
Other ports and the original sources of this production are available at

Download from Pandora Repo

Pandora – Nean der taler (scene intro)

Another port of a piece of art: Nean der taler coded in collaboration from Bypass and NonAlienNature-5, and presented at ‘The party’ 2000 into PC 64k intro section where it ranked 2nd.

From the readme:

Code : Macaw/Non Alien Nature 5
Music : Prat/Bypass
Unix port : Marq/Fit

this intro is using X11 and OpenGL, libmikmod and GLUT library. The source is totally free to use and modify, so no license hassle.

Pandora port is based on the work by Marq/Fit (that ported this intro to linux) and running thanks to glshim.
Is a bit slower on some heavy scenes, plus if you run multiple times tend to freeze.
On my CC Pandora sometime freeze the video (but not the music) and some other times run regularly…i don’t know why…maybe it’s the SGX driver.

Sources included in PND.

Some links to check
Link to Pouet page about it where also a link to a youtube video

here where i take the sources

Since this intro doesn’t have and end …. to exit press ESC (Fn+q)

Download from Pandora repo

Pandora – Micery (scene demo)

This time i ported another demo. Is name is Micery and was produced by Fit and Bandwagon for the Altparty’04 event.
NF/Bandwagon : 3D code, steering algorithms, music
Marq/Fit : wavefront loader, soft synth, models

Created on Linux and Mac OS X using free tools such as GCC, gmake, FTE, RCS and Wings 3D. Thanks to the authors of these wonderful programs. We let SDL take care of the platform-specific details such as screen and sound handling.

Be sure to check out the following links to find other ports and the
full source :

Thanx to Wolf_

Pandora version run @ 800×480 Fullscreen thanks to GLshim lib (using latest revision by ptitSeb).
Sources are included in PND.

Since this demo doesn’t have and end…to exit press ESC (Fn+q)

Shots :

download from repo.

Pandora – Rage Against The Chemtrails

Rage Against The Chemtrails is the first radical game developed by Giuseppe Perniola, is a Defender clone where you pilot an aircraft, destroy tankers that spray chemtrails in the sky, and avoid enemy interceptors and anti-aircraft cannon tanks. It is written using C++, QT5, SFML library and OpenGL (Glshim on Pandora). Sources Included in PND.

For Pandora release i have changed the controls so in
Main menu use:
B — Start the game
A — Select Fighter –press A again to return to main
H — Go to Help page –press H again to return to main

In Game use:
DPAD — Move fighter
A or B — Shot missile
X or Y — Shot bomb

ESC — Exit game

A shot:

Download from Pandora repo

Pandora – Flying Saucers Attack

F.U.G.A.(Fliegende Untertassen greifen an) aka F.S.A.(Flying Saucers Attack) is a game by Dennis Busch that is some kind of a mixture between two old Atari2600 games. It comes in german and english language.

You’ll see a screen with your city that you have to save against 30 Alien attackwaves in three different difficulty levels. You shoot attacking UFOs with two cannons positioned at the left and right borders of the screen.
The UFOs will first bomb away all your buildings then send in little green men to dig tunnels to blow your cannons which results in a gameover.

Game Controls:
Mouse movement = Move Crosshair
Left Button = Fire bullet from left cannon
Right Button = Fire bullet from right cannon

For the Pandora version aim with left nub and shoot with right nub or ABXY buttons!!

Download here on the repo

Have fun!